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M484GCS V6.2 has been released. This program update makes a few small improvements and bug fixes.

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I have made some small updates to the M484GCS, so now we are at version 6.2.



The "Start-up Screen" from the beginning of the game engine has been removed. Originally I planned that all games made with the M484GCS would show this start-up screen, which displayed the various stages of the loading progress while showing a link to our website in the bottom...but this screen slowed down the actual start of the game for some 10 seconds, and most of this time was just programmed delays, which were necessary so that people would have time to read the texts. But after you had seen it once, the whole thing just became an annoyance, so I removed it.

But if you wish to display a "Loading" text of some kind in the beginning, then there is a new empty image in the "Shell" folder called "xloading", which can be used for this purpose.

In the Highscore writing screen, the default cursor is now a normal image. You can find this cursor image in the "Fonts" folder, and can change it's appearance to anything you want.


- Fixed: All changes made in the Game "Options" screen (like Sound ON-OFF, Key Defining)
always caused a nasty "game object reset" and a screen re-make.

- Fixed: The new "Script Extras" Player XY line checks caused Game Objects to check for
Player XY even if Player was dead, which caused the dead Player to trigger events.

- Fixed: The Shot System upgrade made in V6.1 accidentally changed the Game Objects "Ammo"
check as well; Instead of checking after every shot, it only checked once per frame, and this
caused problems...So I repaired this, and now it again checks after every individual shot.

- Fixed: Cursor position didn't reset back to "1" after HighScore name writing,
and also the previously written HighScore name was displayed in the Position Editor.

- Fixed: Default Player Lives XY position was set wrong (too high).


That "ammo bug" described above was actually more serious than it sounds like, because it broke a trick called the "choice shooting method". In "choice shooting" we set the object's Ammo to "1", and then give the object 2 shots; the Chance for the first shot is set to 50%, and the Chance for the second one to 100%. In practice this causes the object to "choose" between those two shots with a 50-50 chance.

But when the changes in V6.1 broke the "Shot-per-Shot Ammo check", this trick too was broken. Which was Bad, because many things in the M484GCS rely on the flexibility of the "Shot System".

But now in V6.2 everything works again. :)

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