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News about Lux Invicta & including the new VIET mod

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Hello all,

Many of you who have played the mod know the Cybrxkhan's VIET modules have been included in the mod for a long time. After discussion with him on how best to update the content of his modules to their newer content and coding, we decided it would be best to throw out all the old VIET code and start fresh with the newer code. This will have a twofold improvement for the mod, making it faster and getting us better content without making it another head-scratching process for myself.

So, hope you all can see why I am doing this and hopefully this move will help the mod in the long run.

Also, I want to announce that its been a slow summer for me and modding time, as I have been working more on the Faerun/Forgotten Realms mod. But, I hope everyone is enjoying the May 2020 release and looking forward to the next release, which will be this fall or winter.

- tsf4, your Lead Steward of LI

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