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Game contest: All participants will receive 25 Essentia per eligible friend who joins The Lacuna Expanse during this contest period. In addition, any new player that joins as a result of using a friend referral code in this contest also receives 25 Essentia. There are no limits to how many entries you can enter into this contest. The more people that participate, the better the prizes will be.

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Based on RedOrion's official forums post:


Using your game referral code, recruit new players and assist in their development:

  1. Individual referral codes can be obtained from the Invite A Friend window (Essentia > Get More Essentia) and activating Generate next to the Referal Link field. This link is specific per referring empire and can be reused to invite multiple players.
  2. After you have had new friends join the game, assist in their development until they have reached at least LVL 10 University. This is a requirement for a valid contest entry.
  3. Reply to the forums topic with a valid list of referred empires before February 1, 2016. Please group as many entries as possible to minimize the amount of posts per person.
  4. All eligible entries will receive 25 Game Essentia each.


  • The player(s) with the most valid entries may choose from one of the following prize packages:
  • 1st Place: 225 Essentia / Complete set of LCOT [Lost City Of Tyleon]
  • 2nd Place: 175 Essentia / Complete set of 1+29 Glyph Resource Plans
  • 3rd Place: 150 Essentia / Happiness to colonize another planet
  • 4th Place: 125 Essentia / Pyramid Junk Sculpture 1+19


  • Entries will face scrutiny and checked for multi-accounting.
  • You may not use game referral links for people living in the same household that you are, although we encourage you to have family members join The Lacuna Expanse. They are just not eligible as entries into this contest.
  • Anyone found to be cheating by way of multi-accounting will be severely punished up to losing one's own empire.
  • Only friend referrals during this contest period will be counted.


  • Using your game referral link you can post a review of The Lacuna Expanse on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, personal blog, game blogs, game review sites, virtually all over the internet.
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