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Post news RSS Loupe, the Alpha is coming to Desura 29 May !

Loupe, the new kind of detective game is coming on Desura ! It's an awesome opportunity for the project ! Let's get the fun !

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As you know, Loupe is a detective game, a clue hunt game. But it's not all.
In fact, Loupe is created to develop a new kind of game merging thinking, arcade and rpg.

!!! And it's coming to Desura !!!
Desura Digital Distribution

Thinking ?
In Loupe, you will have to listen carefully what people say .
Be attentive to the details and observe everything.
Otherwise you will miss the clues !

Arcade ?
Finding a track of clues don't make the case solved.
You also have to run and follow the clues as best as you can to find the missing ones in a race to lucidity.

Rpg ?
At the begining all is simple, it's familiar. But soon you will understand that you will have to get the right equipment to progress and solve all the cases of disappearance.

For now, what is included in the coming alpha version ?
- 8 cases of disappearance to solve.
- core gameplay (find and follow clues)
- core dialogs (essentials to solve cases)
- core humor

And after ?
- up to 25 (or more) cases of disappearance
- more interactions with NPC and objects
- more action on the track followed
- outfits of accessories to access all type of environment
- animations
- music & sound
- new menus

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