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I have made a page for the Louies RPG Walkthrough, there is a lot to be done, but that's ok. I am slowly working on the page, I will add images to help you out in the game. But if you can read the information while playing the game, it should be easy. Thanks for understanding! There will be a link to the walkthrough.

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This wiki has lots of stuff about the Louies RPG game. There is stuff to be added and lots of secrets you should know. But don't worry. If you read the information about the game, it should look fun!

Here is the link to the wiki:


Please do not edit things that I'm working on, you can only edit things if you join the wiki by making a user name and profile. If you do want to edit something, let me know! Do not just go and fix stuff that does not need fixing, that's not allowed!

No cheating to get a badge on the wiki, which means no edits on everything you see! Just edit small things like adding extra information. Or correct me in the article, but do not spam on it! You will be blocked if you do this!

If you read this, please comment below and say: Louies Game!

And one more thing! The game is still a demo! The game is not fully completed, though I have made some progress with making a new town and I will be making the 4th dungeon! So in the walkthrough page, it's incomplete plus you cannot go to the 3rd or 4th town in the current demo because I have not updated it and I will not. There is only going to be 1 demo and 1 full version of the game. So for now, the demo will only take you to part of dungeon 2. Thanks for understanding!

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