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Changelog 0.9.85 for Lost Memories Ghosts of the Past.

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Another year has passed and i am really glad that the project has progressed so much.

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18 minutes of gameplay:

The main features that are included in this update are a total overhaul to some of the aspects of the game such as:

  • Total overhaul of the player character ( shooting mechanics, movement, new weapon mechanics, animations, etc. )
  • Added lean mechanic for the player controller
  • New Heads Up Display
  • New inventory system
  • New saving system
  • New Main Menu system
  • The A.I has been reworked from scratch ( the aim of the ai has been modified so he can miss, new behaviors have been implemented such as: cover while shooting, react to dead ai, run to cover while reloading or on low hp, cover mechanics, search mechanics, call out behavior
  • New ability system implemented ( Health regen ability, shield ability, scan ability that can detect enemies marked by the drone, drone ability that can mark enemies, night vision, flashlight, dash ability. All abilities now consume a portion of the suit's energy
  • Weapon customization ( at the moment only a couple of weapons can be customized and only a couple of attachments are available
  • Level streaming to improve the performance of bigger levels
  • New puzzle mechanic
  • Weapon raise on collision with objects
  • A new starting level to give a better understanding of the story

Here are some screenshots:




There are still many issues to be solved and changes to be made but i will give my best to create a immersive experience for the player.


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