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Post news RSS Lost Astronaut to work with Leap Motion

Lost Astronaut has joined the early developer program at Leap Motion. Check out this cool video on the future of gesture-based gaming!

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Leap Motion is a new gadget that will be available at Best Buy. It uses motion detection technology to allow you to gesture at your monitor to control the mouse cursor, interact with 3D objects, write things, draw things: a new world of possibilities! Lost Astronaut plans to integrate Leap Motion with its current engine technology, and release a free minigame for the PC on the Desura platform!

In the above video you can see an IT executive at Leap Motion work with the star of the web series The Guild demonstrating the new technology! Very exciting and we'll keep you posted on what's in store later this year from Lost Astronaut's new gesture-based gaming project.

Also, don't forget to check out Empire in the Sky here on Desura! We recently released a new promo video showcasing our new voice talent and procedurally-rendered planet environments!

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