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Before you set off on a quest to find The Fifth Kingdom and free the world from Alaloth’s influence, let’s consult old tomes to learn more about the history of the Kingdom. Read a tale of ambition, ignorance, and manipulation.

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Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms - Lore Update #3


Before you set off on a quest to find The Fifth Kingdom and free the world from Alaloth’s influence, let’s consult old tomes to learn more about the history of the Kingdom. Read a tale of ambition, ignorance, and manipulation.

Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms - Lore Update #3

The Fifth Kingdom

At the dawning hours of the Second Era, the Goddess of Light, Vaizmil, looked upon the world and saw only conflict and war. She saw friend turned against friend, and disloyalty and pain. She saw a realm disjointed by falsehoods when it could have been one prosperous kingdom. Thus, she came up with a plan.

The Fifth Kingdom, a kingdom that was to be in the center of The Four Kingdoms, was at that time a vacant land with a mighty abandoned city, ripe for the taking if one was brave enough. Vaizmil convinced the All-Father to enact her dream through trickery, telling him that only the strongest realm would be able to claim the Fifth Kingdom and rule over all others. But the reality was that she had no intention of leaving The Fifth Kingdom to the competition. Her purpose was unification, as only with the united force of The Four Kingdoms would the land truly know peace.

Vaizmil was so set on her ambition to save the mortal realm and the All-Father on the prospect of combat that they did not think of the rules he’d set up long ago, prohibiting him from intervening physically in the mortal realm. The moment The Fifth Kingdom was created, the Mother of Betrayers was free to revolt against the All-Father.

Vaizmil realized her mistake and the Mother’s plan and tried to warn the gods of the war that was coming, but none would listen. As a martyr, she confronted the Mother and her son, Alaloth, alone, only to be murdered. But when she died, her life force spread across the kingdom in shards in the hope that they would one day help the mortal race enter the Fifth Kingdom.

With Alaloth’s victory over The First Pantheon and his mother, he saw himself as beyond the gods. He attempted to cross into the mortal realm via The Fifth Kingdom, but the moment he set foot in it, he was chained to the ground, unable to move, stuck forever. His sheer presence in such a holy place has corrupted the Kingdom and spread his venom into the ground.

There is only one way to restore the world to what it was before Alaloth ravaged the lands with his Tempests—gather the shards of Vaizmil’s life force and conquer The Fifth Kingdom for the good of the whole mortal realm.

Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms - Lore Update #3

The Spectral Circle

Since the moment Alaloth was born, he had already planned to betray his mother. With his powers of manipulation, he had convinced a selected few in the mortal realm to wait for his descent and be his mortal army as he took over their world.

These few formed what is now known as The Spectral Circle, a cult that worships Alaloth and revels in the corruption he brings to the world, caged in The Fifth Kingdom.

The goal of the Circle is to spread his corruption further, seeding chaos inside The Four Kingdoms, and defile their gods.

Their ultimate goal is to release Alaloth from his chains and let him wreak havoc on the realm, taking it as his own. They expect to be rewarded for their efforts and will go to any length to show devotion to their lord.

They are hunted all across the kingdoms, but like cockroaches, they always reappear, corrupt the young, and increase their ranks faster than any cult the world has ever seen. They care nothing for mortal life and accept their death as part of Alaloth’s plan. They fear nothing and their ideology will survive as long as Alaloth is alive. While the other kingdoms and groups want The Fifth Kingdom for themselves or for the good of all mortal beings, the Circle merely wants it as a tool to free their lord—the Kingdom and the world mean nothing to them.

Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms

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Discord Kingdom Allegiance

Lately, we also introduced an Allegiance feature on the game’s official Discord server. Those of you who are already in the server or just joined it, have to decide to which King or Queen you want to swear your allegiance.

For now, the roles are just a display of your allegiance. In the future, they will play a greater part in community activities.

Make sure to pick your Kingdom now and discuss your homeland’s lore with your fellow countrymen.

Enjoy your stay!

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