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The history of in-game world + some thanks to community

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First of all i'd like to tell thanks to all who is writing guides and tutorials for modding this wonderful game. Guys, you all are the best!

How appeared the idea of creating “Cverdum”? Me and my teammate were working with sequel to one modification. But we wanted to expand gameplay in other way. So we decided to make our own mod where we could embody our own ideas and plans.

Let's begin with mod's lore. Meet “The Legends of Cverdum”.

Since the beginning of the time there were lands filled with life and magic. Their name is Cverdum. Areya were living in Cverdum for the thousands of years. They have built beatifull towns and were great in all their undertakings. Their greatest scientific breakthrougth was magic flowing into mechanical body. This opening made them the prime race of the world.

All neighbors were afraid of Areya and never dare to fight them. But the Regard empire began to rise. They conquered all and only Areya were dangerous for them. The attack was instant. Regard just pushed Areya with great amount of warriors. Forgantis – the magic academy was the last bastion of Areya. Regard began the siege and there was no sense in defending. The archmages decided to hide the part of the world into the astral void named Amrok. The spell was very difficult and mages dissolved their minds in magic crystals to cast it. A lot of mages were so exhausted that they could not return into their physical bodies. Other lost their magic abilities. Areya lost their leaders so Arvali were created to control the Areya and lead them forward. Regard armies which passed to Amrok with Areya were defeated. Arvali created new community where was place and work for everybody. But Arvali began to become estranged from each other and formed 3 different castes.

When creating a mod used resources:

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