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Numantian Games discusses the tactical combat grid in their latest campaign update.

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Lords of Xulima will feature a combat grid.

NumantianGames wrote: "When in combat, the player characters and your enemies are each arranged into two lines: the front line, or vanguard, and the rear line, or defense."

Reach, what kind of weapons used, and positioning on the grid are all important factors to consider. (Full explanation in Indiegogo Update #5)

For example:

  • Use this to your advantage by moving a wounded ally away from the line of attack.
  • Or, to your disadvantage, an enemy may be using a bow and can attack any position (with some exceptions).

(Photo depicting Tactical Combat Grid)

Each row has four spaces to choose from. However, the front space must always be occupied before a back space. You cannot have a combatant in the back line, without someone being in front of them.

NumantianGames wrote: The types of characters you choose will have a big impact on your strategy.

Combat Features:

  • Fast and dynamic combat system in a turn-based environment.
  • Queue of actions: The order of the combatants is dependent on their speeds. A very fast combatant can hit you many times before you can react. Different attacks, like strong hits with stunning weapons, or some spells, can modify the speed and the order of the queue, turning the tide of battle.
  • Place your characters on the combat grid with two rows and four columns. Characters in the back row can only attack with special weapons, but at the same time they are protected by the characters in the front row. Characters can also change positions during combat, allowing them to strike at close quarters, or fall back to recover and attack their opponents from afar.

Take a look at the official site or visit the Indiegogo page for more information.

Official Site: Lordsofxulima.com
Steam Greenlight: Steamcommunity.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Youtube: Youtube.com
Twitter: Twitter.com

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