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Check out how you can build traps to defend your custom built castle from invading monsters.

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After quite a bit of effort traps are finally in! The traps feature completes the last major component of the Lord of Dwarves core gameplay. You can now build any structure you like, fill it with traps, and defend as hoards of monsters try to bash, sap, and climb their way in!

It all fits together so nicely! Check it out in the video.


Your game seems fun and interesting. I saw on its steam page that it will be out in 2017. I have some questions. 1.when it comes out what will be the cost?2.do the in-game dwarves population's grow, and if they do, how? 3. Is this in any way based off games like Tinder and Stone? thanks if you answer and I hope your day and the rest of this games development go smoothly.

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BitwiseNick Author

Glad you're interested in my game!

Currently population in Lord of Dwarves is limited by the number of beds you have - each dwarf needs a bed! However to attract larger populations you must craft higher quality beds which in turn require higher tier resources. Once you have more beds dwarves will automatically start to arrive.

If I were to compare Lord of Dwarves to other games it would be the city building of Dwarf Fortress (minus the life simulation) plus the total custom 3D building of Minecraft. Then add a focus on defending your buildings against monsters attacks.

I'm not sure what the price will be yet, but I'll post it as soon as I know.

Thanks for the interest! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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