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I'm currently looking for people who'ld like to game-test LBKR, if you're interested simply send me a message. Beside that I've released a new beta build (4.)1.4.6, available to testers.

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Testers Wanted

First and foremost, I'ld like to mention that I'm currently looking for people who would like to beta-test the game. I do not offer any money or anything to people who might be interested since my goal is to release LBKR for free, with no profit. With that said, I hade no expectations on anyone testing the game to play-test it some x hours per day, it's simply just to play when you feel like it or have the time, and I'ld appreciate it alot if bugs, opinions and feedback is delivered to me, either by mail, PM or in the forum-section I'm setting up for LBKR.

In case you feel that it could be of interested, send me a message and I'll return a link for download as soon as possible. :)


With that said, I'm done with build (4.)1.4.6 of Loot Burn Kill Repeat, except for a few very small adjustments. There's still work to be done, but quite alot has happened the last month alone!

Playable classes and abilities

All player abilities for the three playable classes has been added, for now there's 6 abilities per character and all classes have their own orientation.

Each class are now more adapted to the orientation the class is supposed to be, the Technician's focus lay more on ranged combat, plasma fuel used for weapons is regenerated by a far better rate than the other classes, and in general the Tech can also carry more fuel. To assist with the ranged combat-style, the Tech can deploy proximity mines and sentry bots, among other things.

The Cryptic is useable both in ranged and close quarters combat, most of the class abilities allow quite some distance between the Cryptic and it's enemies, but the class does not gain the Tech's plasma-fuel capacity, therefore ranged weapons are less effective in general. There's a bonus to armor rating and health though. The Cryptic use a mysterious energy for his abilities to teleport himself short distances, and throw a barrage of energized projectiles.

The Soldier has a more agressive focus, the character has a high-rated damage skill but due to the agressiveness he can't make full use of equiped armor, in general the character's armor rating is debuffed. The set of abilities are mostly of brute force-style, with high-damaging strikes and bashes.

And... I believe I've mentioned it in an earlier article, but just in case I did not- the Stamina-vial consumable that regenerated the player's energy vital (used by player abilities) in earlier builds have been removed, the player's energy is now regenerated only by killing enemies.

New for the current version is that all the player's skills gain their own experience as the player kill enemies and perform certain skill-related tasks in the game, and the skill value will increase as enough experience has been gained. Apart from that the player will still be able to manually add skill points when the player character has gained a new level.


Boss battles have been improved and now includes puzzles and/or scripted events, also the boss monsters can take a whole lot more of a beating before dying now. Along with that a couple of new boss / miniboss attacks and buffs was added. All in all the difficulty level of the boss battles have been increased.

Currently all main-story missions has been added, even though some are not fully functional and still a work-in-progress. Some new side-quests has been added aswell as a few new bounties.


And the final major change, ( Unless I've missed something... I tend to miss things if I don't post on a weekly basis... my memory's worse than the memory of a gold fish. ), is a new shop keeper, she sell Attribute re-spec points to the player, which as you might suspect from the name, will allow the player to remove points from one attribute and add it to another.


For those who're interested a full update-log can be seen below!

- LBKR Update Log v4.1.4.6 -


5 / 2 / 2016




- Added a new monster "Tentacle"

- Added new AI attack "Trapper"

- Added new AI attack "Grenade";

- Fixed issue in the AI behaviour that blocked any checks to see if the AI was stuck

- Fixed issue with melee monsters not collecting all their sfx for attacks properly

- Fixed issue with the Ranged AI behaviour, where the AI sometimes would not bother to aim at the player and fired their attacks on nearby environment instead

- Added boss modifier "The Demanding" (Energy claim modifier)

- Fixed issue with AI running away, chasing ghosts when the player was killed

Balancing & Gameplay


- The player's skills will now gain experience as the player perform actions related to their use, they are still affected by the player's attributes aswell

- The player can now infuse gems into holstered items

- Kinetic Traps will no longer instantly kill the player, but they will do massive damage though

- Nox mob's can no longer spawn as miniboss or bosses since all they do is to blow themselves up

- Added a new boss to the "Armory" chapter. (Cargo Guardian)

- Greatly decreased Bounty Reputation and Mark gains

- Added line casting for the Interceptor AI

- Increased Rare Drop chance when opening rare chests

- Rewrote most of the boss Navigator event

- Added arena events on player death, arenas will now either reset, fail and close or ignore changes when the player dies

- Fixed issue with Bounty Gear not beeing generated with Mythical item rarity

- Damage zones / traps will now inflict damage more frequently

- Heavily reduced Armor Rating of regular-ranked monsters

- Balanced stats created by the item generator

- Decreased generated attribute buff values generated by passive item modifiers

- Decreased generated skill buff values generated by passive item modifiers

- Removed stamina vial consumable ( Deprecated )

- Fixed issue with the item generator doing one of several procedures of armors and weapons twice for rare items, making them overpowered

- Increased chance of rare drops

- Added alien marker effect "Energizer" ( Energy restored )

- Added alien marker effect "Claimer" ( Energy Claim bonus modifier )

- Reduced Player penalties on death ( XP + Shard loss )

- Decreased plasma cost in general for ranged weapons

- Erupt now roll a dice for each mob within range to decide probability of stunning the enemy

- Reduced the chance of health vials to be dropped by monsters

- Item tier's are updated more frequently

- Minibosses are now forced to be the same level as the player, unless specificly assigned not to be ( only done in a few occassions )

- Energy will now also be regained if a monster dies of a DoT effect caused by the player

- Added new item preset modifier "Painbringer" ( damage modifier )

- Nox suicide attack now rolls for chance to cause damage over time if the player is hit

- Decreased steal rate for item preset modifier (Steal Modifier)

- Repaired object pooling in Residential Chapter, props / destructible objects could not be found earlier

- The player will now spawn with no weapon plasma fuel when using a new character

- Fixed issue with reflected damage casting to all nearby characters instead of just the one dealing the damage

- Added a new player projectile type, "Bouncer". When fired it will bounce on any wall they collide with in case they miss any monsters.

- Reduced item stats penalties for items generated with poor item condition

- Gems with knockback modifiers will now only knock back the enemy who dealed damage to the player, instead of to all enemies within a certain radius from the player character

- Replaced Tech's ability "Bomberang" with a set of deployable proximity mines

- The Soldier's Ram ability will now inflict damage on all enemies that're hit along it's path.

- Plasma fuel ammo drops are now handled by a separate roll in item generation procedure

Quest & Bounties


- Added 4 new missions

- Fixed issue in Quest "Bridge too far" where progress would not be updated after the second objective was accomplished

- Added new Bounty "Clean Swipe" ( Kill all monsters at a target location )

- Added new Bounty "Head of the Snake" ( Kill all officers at a target location )

- Fixed issue with the signal receiver item not appearing in the Machinist Arena

- Fixed issue with progress tracking objects not reading through the players quest list for updates

- Fixed issue with "Toxic Reroute" quest not updating status of Objective 1 when reaching Oxygen Processing for the first time if the player spawn in tile ox_portal02

- Changed the way quests are loaded and saved, all progress achieved by a character created in a previous version will be lost however, the new method used will allow any future changes and added quest to be implemented without data-loss

- Fixed issue when bounty reputation level was increased, the current xp value would not be reset

- The player must now manually open the ventilation hatch in which the missing soldier is hiding in during the quest "The missing Squad"

- Added missing Quest Reach-trigger in tile ox_portal02

- Added missing quest indicator markers for the quest "People Live Here"

- When facing the boss "Machinist" monsters will now spawn throughout the battle, triggered by the health value of the machinist

- Survey bounties will now take control of monster spawners nearby the survey probe, and activate them when the survey progress hits calculated thresholds

- Bounty Keeper will now always generate 6 bounties even if the player already have some bounties in progress

- Added notification and audio effect when the players bounty ranking is increased

- Increased price modifiers of bounty gear

- Fixed issue with the Quest Indicator sometimes not finding some of the markers for the quest "Scrambled Eggs" (Ch4)

- Quest Items will now check for the current quest progress to determine if the player's allowed to collect the item or not

- Fixed issue with the Quest "Bridge to Bridge" marking wrong level index



- Added more monster sound fx

- Added more combat sound fx

- Changed sound fx of all ranged weapons

- Fixed issue with doors in Armory scene playing wrong sound fx on use

- Added more ambient sfx for tile med_turn06

- Fixed issue with abilities placed in the item quickbar playing the same sfx on use as any consumable item

- Increased volume of the sfx played when a light in tile mt_triway08 explodes ( Triggered event )

- Added missing combat audio clips for the Crawler monster

- Added more ambient sfx for all tiles in maintenance

- Fixed issue with the player's Plasma vital not refreshing current value on game start

- Replaced the level up jingle with a less discrete audio clip



- Added camera shaking effects

- Improved the cameras behaviour while following the player

- Improved multiple environmental textures for the chapter "Bridge"

- Fixed issue with decapitated limbs not splattering blood when pulled from the object pool a second time

- FX for items enhanced by one or multiple gems will now emit properly

- Improved walk-animation of the Machinist boss AI

- Fixed issue with the blood splatter emitted from monster corpses sometimes ending up with wrong rotation

- Repaired broken damage model of the character "Crawler"

User Interface


- Added Access Point UI display, showing more detailed information of level transitions

- The player can now sort out uninteresting loot when viewing items, by holding down left ctrl+v and clicking on the item icon with the mouse it will be hidden

- An XP icon will now show how much XP is rewarded as the player completes a mission

- By holding the mouse over the vital bars a text will now appear and show the current value of the selected vital

- Created new icons for player abilities

- Fixed issue with enhanced item rarity not changing background color in the UI

- Created new visuals for the main menu

- Fixed issue with Ability icons in the Quickbar not loading the name of the target ability

- User Interface is now scaled properly with screen resolution

- Fixed issue with the list of available items at the Enhancer placing the item buttons with weird offsets

- Ability Window and ability tooltips will now display the tier of the selected ability

- Fixed issue with the Enhancer Window, buttons were not reset to the object pool but still released their references, making the window pop new buttons over the old ones

- Fixed issue with item gem and preset modifiers kept adding already existing descriptions to the item tooltip

- Added a new item mount "Holster", it can store a weapon to which the player can swap to by pressing the space-key in-game

- Improved visual feedback when the player's bounty ranking is increased

- Added a pop-up hint for automaticly collected items/pickups ( Shards, Plasma fuel etc. )

Game World & Tiles


- Added missing quest tiles to Oxygen Processing chapter ( Quest "Recorded" )

- Added collectable diaries, communication logs and mail logs that contain background story

- Fixed issue with zone portal of ca_portal01 tile not finding its spawn point

- Fixed issue in tile ox_portal02 where a rare chest occassionally spawned inside the zone portal

- Repaired broken pathfinding grid in tiles related to the Med Lab chapter

- Repaired broken pathfinding grid in tiles related to the Oxygen Processing chapter

- Repaired broken pathfinding grid in tiles related to the Maintenance chapter

- Repaired broken pathfinding grid in tiles related to the Residential chapter

- Repaired broken pathfinding grid in tiles related to the Bridge chapter

- Added 10 new tiles for the chapter "The Bridge"

- Added 4 new tiles for the chapter "Residential"

- Added 3 new tiles for the chapter "Maintenance"

- Added 3 new tiles for the chapter "The Armory"

- Added 3 new tiles for the chapter "Oxygen Processing"

- Added 1 new tile for the chapter "Med. Labs"

- Added more layout variety to game levels related to the chapter's "Armory" and "Bridge"



- Greatly reduced memory footprint of the gore system (This also required a slightly different approach on damage model generation, therefore some of the existing damage models will result in odd clipping. This issue will be fixed as soon as I've modified my dmg model editor to implement the same logic as the runtime-objects.)

- Fixed a memory leak with Gem items instantiating new fx objects each time the item they're attached to is equiped and/or unequiped

- Optimized behaviour of OnDamage events

- Further optimizations done to the Procedural Item Generation system

- Optimized AI behaviours



- Fixed issue with player input. After an ability was cast the player sometimes got stuck until he made another attack

- Fixed issue with the combat trackers registering damage dealt by environmental traps as player damage

- Enabled bounties for chapter "The Bridge"

- Fixed issue with items beeing destroyed if the player's inventory is full when the item breaks.The item(s) will now be dropped instead.

-Added Weapon buff for the Discoverer Gem ( Critical hit damage increased )

- Fixed issue with holstered item beeing duplicated if swaping weapon slots while there's no currently equiped item.

- Scanner Rooms will now reset to their default states if the player die while inside the room.

- Fixed issue where bounties would not be unloaded from a previous character as a new profile was created.

- Added missing character skill "Shock Resistance", also implemented all related behaviour of such skill to the player and AI code

- Removed deprecated skill "Orb Adaption"

- Removed stamina vital

- Replaced the Cryptic's ability "Minefest" with "Void Warp"

- Added new skill "Energy Claim". It will be used to calculate the amount of energy drained from enemies when they're killed

- Added new vital "Energy", it replace stamina but can only be restored by killing monsters

- Added behaviour for Enhancer AI

- Fixed issue with the player character disappearing off-screen when killed

- Fixed issue with monsters spawning from Spawner objects beeing assigned Lvl0

- Updated logged info of bug reporter tool

- Input for camera rotation and zooming is now disabled while writing a bug report with the reporter tool

- Changed the way item preset modifiers were generated, identified and described

- Fixed issue when creating a new profile if another is already loaded, the chapter progress would not be reset, resulting in the player starting in the chapter last played by the previously loaded character

- Profile-related data will now be validated when the game has been updated with a new version to avoid data-loss

- Fixed issue with a few weapons beeing tracked as "Unarmed" instead of melee weapon (Combat Stats related)

Fixed issue with ranged weapon projectiles that are fired by the player beeing disabled if the weapon is unequiped or breaks

- Added AI Hints to destroy destructible objects if they are in their way along the AI's current path

- Shard pickups now generate a value depending on current item tier settings

- Added a new merchant, "Lily". She sell attribute respec-points that allow the player to modify their character's skill efficiency

- Projectiles fired from ranged weapons are no longer disabled if the weapon is unequiped or breaks before the projectile(s) hit something

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