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You like to try out new indie games? Wanna contribute to one? Join in as an alpha tester now!

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Hey everybody!

You like the game? Would you like to participate in its development?

No, no, you don't need no fancy development skills, only your eyes, your ears and the will to contribute!

I'm looking for testers for an upcoming alpha build which is due next month. This alpha testing session is for bug reports and community feedback.

This is going to be a closed alpha, so if you want to get in go ahead and get your name on the list!
In details, what I want is:

  1. People who will take the time to write bug reports using the bug reports form.
  2. People who till take the time to submit ideas on the community page.
  3. People who want to TEST a game, this is an alpha preview so it's far from release and there's a lot of missing features.

If you meet these criteria, please I invite you to join in!

Ah also another surprise! The build you're going to test is a fully enhanced build with bigger and more detailed graphics!

Keep in mind that, I will try to send emails to all the list, so it may take a while for you to receive one (don't forget, it's due NEXT month).

Thanks to everybody who will take the time to test the game, report bugs and submit new ideas! If not, then thanks for your interest anyway!

- Tommy

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