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Hi there, I'm some sort of a project launcher with nothing in pocket but mind and ideas. I'm looking for partners on projets I thought of, agreeing to be paid for them when selling them. The two first ones are to be french, there's no matter about the third one. You can ever keep an idea and run away with it as if you were crawling away I would'nt chase for you no more. I mean you wanna join, you're welcome. You wanna make it yours, just ask me and I give you it all. Alright.

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1st idea is an interactive treasure hunt via smartphone into the town I'm actually living in. It's for 8-15 years old and their families, applied for tourism. The story of a professor who made up a past-viewing machine, activated on buildings and antiquities of the town by your remote-smartphone virtually connected to it (with QR codes). 1st building appears to be misplaced from its original one, which makes the machine crashing, and the professor to get stuck into the past. And you will have to go from building to building, from time to time, and from an enigma to another through the fictional story of the professor passing in the true story of the town, to help him out; learning for real, having fun, leading your parents, and understanding what's the matter about all these cold stones they are using to be interested in. Well the scénario is almost complete. Need a dev, a designer, music (I can manage it), voice(s), and sound effects. Translators at last.

2nd idea is not a game, it's a team work partner finder, allowing you to find co-workers, jobs, but also goods, products and productive assets, places, and even instructors, with no question of a diploma, but of competences themselves, or products... The app is to be on making them people meeting each other, and nothing else. Here's the schem. It's for France, then it's in french. It's a .pdf file, you just have to click on it to download:


Okay, third one is a really far-going app. Social network.

"Who else?", Allowing you to meet who else in the world is having a paella on the top of a moutain, what you're actually doing. Also, how many people are, or how many are only having a paella, or are only on the top of a moutain, or even are seeing these red glowing comets falling down tonight, and where.

This one is really theorical, and needs work, I'm guessing.

Message me if ever you give a bloob to any of these.

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