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Looking back what we have done the last year, I am rather happy how we are getting along.

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On the 21st of December 2012, we released 1.0 on ModDB, which is now more then a year ago, since then we added a bunch of factions, but process was rather slow. this is because we are working with basicly 2 guys on this mod.

Every release seemed to have the same errors untill 3.0, for I kept making the same mistake over and Over, which was just silly of me.

We started with, Rome, Greece, Carthage, Gaul, Germania, Brittons, Scythia, Dacia. and now we have 12 factions (13 in the one under development) and around 20 in out finished prosuct, which is ofcourse not nearly done :P.

Our Multiplayer, it went up, and Down, and Up again, and down again.. People seemed to care much about this, but the Developers, seemed not to care and alot of people seemed to wonder why?, well that is simple, we intended this as a Singleplayer mod, We do not care wether we have 200, or 5 players playing it. as long as we, and those people enjoy it.

New Scenes have been added, (for Germania Gaul and Brittons), and for all others they will soon come, this is one of the thing we aim to do, replace all scenes and take the Native setting away, one the many things we mean to do, alot of Thing/options/abilities, will be added in the near future, but they are seceret for now for we are not sure if we can add all.

Anyway, 3.1 or 3.01 We do not know it yet, will be released in Januray, early/mid/late Do not know.
Merry Christmas(I am a bit late) and A good And Prosperous 2014 to you all.

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