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What happen with the project? news about Anthem of Roses

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Well, yeees I didn´t talk about the game for less than a year (yes, long time). The project it´s not dead, for different reason was paused, but know it´s time to re-animate it.

The original version was developer using Macromedia flash 8 (ohh yeah) and was programming with ActionScript2 (not AS3). I really love flash, I was think to port the game to AS3, but Adobe sucks, he let die flash and now we have more potencial and accesible softwares like Unity3D or other.

When the game was paused, it was on the 80% of development, really close to release, but the future of the game was a little dark, because the game only can work on desktop using an executable based on flash player.

Now we have Android, IOS, Windows phone, PC, MAC, LINUX, WiiU, PS4, XBOX ONE, Chrome OS and a lot of possibles plataforms, it´s an obligation to me take the game and port it to the new tecnologies.

Yes, Anthem of Roses it´s not dead, will be the same game with a 2.5D gameplay, with new features and more interesting posibilities.

UPDATE: I tried a lot of 2d engines like Construct2, GameSalad, Stencyl, Corona and I found Game Maker Studio (GMS) with the GML lenguage a good option, the workflow is similar to Adobe Flash and have support for 3d, shaders, multiplatform, interface and a good community with a lot of contributions, I really like GMS because I can write the code directly, I dont like the "visual block programming" used in a lot of actual engines made for "everyone". I really like Unity3D, actually I am using it with other projects like Brotherhood of Shadows, but I feel GMS have a better workflow in terms of 2D, I think I will can port the game fast with GMS, I used GMS for a few hours porting the base animations and moves of the protagonist of Anthem of Roses and it works perfect, I don't discart Unity3D, but GMS is interesting.

LAST UPDATE: I finally decided for Unity3D, with the new UI system and 2.5D features, realtime lights, great shaders, also Unity 5 will be with us soon and Unity3D have more platform targets and flexibility than game maker.

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