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Lk2 is a slow pace RTS based on influence and resource gathering : Managing a kingdom is not an easy task and when other kingdom join the game, you'll have to be the best! Gather resources, trade, expand, gift or steal other kingdoms... Everything is allowed. But if you want to win, you must outsmart them!

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After 8 month of work, LK2 is finally finished!
You can try the Demo
And vote for it on Greenlight

The beginning of a small map with 6 players.

So, for the one who doesn't know Little Kingdom :
Little Kingdom is based on three kind of interactions :
- Make buildings (to expand your kingdom, get resources, improve your kingdom efficiency)
- Trade resources
- Make diplomacy (bribe another kingdom, steal resources)
It's easy to handle, but hard to master :
Should I take a rare resource? reinforce my border? stop the expension of another kingdom? build new markets?

First mission of the campaign

What's new since Lk1?
- Graphic : The world is now on 3D with a reduced HUD.
- Multiplayer : LAN mode is replaced by 4 player on the same screen. (without split screen, it's special)
- Map generator : can make bigger map and has far more option (ex : mirrored map for pvp)

The map generator

And far more little change :
- Melting influence is display
- Easier to see who control a tower.
- new HUD for keyboard or gamePad player.
- new diplomatic system
- New trading system

A medium map with 27 players.

If you have any feedback, feel free to comment or send a mail!
Create by Andreil Game, a crazy guy who makes games alone.

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