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A live demo is here to give a basic feel of the game, not much implemented yet, looking for feedback

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Hello everyone, hope you've been well.

This is a passion project of mine, and I don't expect to finish it anytime soon as it's mostly developed as a hobby. However, I do have a general vision of what I want to do with it, and so, knowing my artistic limitations, decided to start building a community in search of likeminded people.

The game is now live at trialsofmorana.com

It's very early stages so there's not much to do; However, some key features are already in place, such as a dialog system, inventory, stats, crafting and skills. (Try opening the console with \ and typing get_item Tree Branch , 6 and get_item Iron Ingot , 6 then try right clicking them and clicking craft for a nice surprise) with much to come.

Having given an introduction, it's time for some key features planned:

- Multiplayer

- Questline

- Base building

- Biomes

The game WILL have it's original soundtrack and any *cof* unauthorized audio files will eventually be replaced.

If you are a good artist with experience using Aseprite, or a godot programmer looking for a project, you're welcome to contact me at joseeduardot@developmentparadise.com

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