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The new patch is out! Main changes: - HUD greatly improved - Addition of a score system - The victory screen now has a timeline More details in.

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Little Kingdom : Demo / Buy

Patch 1.3 is out; there is a ton of small improvement in.
Most can be seen in this picture:

Screenshot v1.3

A new HUD:
- Resource, trade rate and bribe rate are in the upper panel.
- All of the building are in the same panel
- The best 8 player have they score displayed.
- Fully controllable zoom level

A new Diplomacy system:
- 3 actions are available (war / ally /annex)
- One-time cost instead of permanent gift.
- Embassy (and market) effect has been improved.

ScreenShot v1.3

A new victory screen:
- The details of your score are shown
- A timeline of the player's score are displayed.

New options:
- add of a "full screen / windowed mode" button
- allow to select your game resolution

An improved game selection menu,
it's now easier to :
- choose the kind of map (8 kind of generated map)
- choose the number of player (up to 24 in the bigger map)
- chose the distinct team (free for all, or teamed + selection of the team)

Screenshot v1.3

The campaign have also been improved :
- The tutorial has been improved
- The last mission are more challenging

The only known crash has been fixed, now the game work on Win7 64 bits computer.

If you like this game, talk about it everywhere!
(And maybe a LAN mode will come ^^)
I hope you will enjoy this patch!

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