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2D Sprite Characters overhauled to now be 3D Characters and more!

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Big Developments and Milestones!

After a lot of consideration, feedback and comments I opted to overhaul the characters to be fully 3D characters!

Before and After Picture of Characters

With this new change it will bring a lot more customization and individuality to each game played as every starting group of characters will be completely unique each time, it will also give more replay value as this may present unique challenges or opportunities between games.

Some of the new features added:

✅ Hair Colours (Much more variations added)
✅ Clothing Colours (Natural fibre colours making every character unique in appearance)
✅ Skin Colours (Ethnicity / Faction Customization)
✅ Provides Almost Infinite Variations for more immersion and personalization.
Dynamic responses (Sickness = Green tint, Dead = Grey Tint etc..)
Ragdoll Physics.

Expanding upon some of the features:

Ethnicity / Faction Customization

There will be starting options to customize your starting settlers and your faction, this will include their race and ethnicity as well. (Perhaps Elves will be added in future 😁)

Ragdoll Physics

Everyone loves ragdoll physics! This feature alone will add more weight to the combat elements and add more dynamism to the characters. Fainting, Cursed with Paralysis, Death ragdolls all become an option now.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback and helped share Little Islanders around, it’s very much appreciated and it’s a team effort!

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You can follow along with development on:

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