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An article in which I describe my current predicament and progress on the game.

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Lil Update 2

So, between being a father to 2 small children, and having a demanding position at my day job, I'm left with very little time to work on this project. I am still very committed to seeing it through, though. Here's some highlights of what has been going on since my last update:


My biggest roadblock last year was a degrading laptop. It had been with me since 2009, which is a dinosaur by computer standards. It was slowing down development drastically. The battery was shot (2nd replacement), and the (replacement) keyboard started to malfunction, which is what pushed me over the edge (removing 60+ tiny screws for a keyboard is t o r t u r e). Good news is I'm finally on modern hardware, which has been a big breath of fresh air.

Control Feel

One of the most common critiques I got on the last demo video was how clunky the controls seemed. Which were pretty much on-point. I've been spending time with my artist putting together a new set of animations for the player, which seem to feel much more responsive. I want working in the garden to be a smooth and somewhat relaxing experience.


I have a set of spritesheets for garden pets, and will hopefully be implementing them soon. Pets will require a degree of AI, which is something I have not put together in Unity yet, so I've been in a research phase. I'm very excited to share future progress with them, as they will be an important part of gameplay.

More NPCs

So far only 1 NPC has been introduced. 3 more are currently in progress, which are tied into other parts of the game mechanics. Particularly, there will be an NPC that is associated with magic, and another with artifacts.


I feel my development pace beginning to pick up with this game, so I'm hoping to be able to give more frequent updates in the near future. I have a fairly solid plan for this game, and I think it's going to be something very unique.

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