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Here is an update of some of the AI in Lil Thief. Check out the video below. Have questions or comments? Be sure to join me on Discord and you can find the link below. Thanks!

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LIlThiefBossFightAlong the way you will come across a boss you need to take out. This video shows off a little action from one of those encounters. I call this brute "Crusher" Crushers are big robotic enemies that are extremely strong and can really pack a punch! I am still working on the Ai to improve the way that he will react to the player. Crushers have 3 stages of attacks. The first one he will launch bombs at you. The second he will try to club you with one one of his enormous hands. Last but not least he has a jump attack that will also cause damage. However you can take him out if you have some EMP grenades. It's actually the only way to beat these brutes! Be sure to join me on Discord! Discord.gg Enjoy!

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