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Just cant let the project die...Restarted with new engine

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I started rebuilding again. I've been working 24/7 to get back where I was. I started using sonic worlds again. I'm sill not very far cause I sill don't have Shadow or any items done. I had a very hard time with the shop system and I'm Very Angry I have to do it all over again. I updated everything again also showing my new site. I found some old videos of the game and made one big one showing the history of this project and why each time it die. There's some small clips of the new engine. It shows me as sonic running around with "Tails" following me Not really alot to go by. I like to thank Steak Thunderstorm for letting me use his tails ai. I will edit it to make tails more smarter, by making him get a ring or two when you have none and attacking emenys with his ring or tail attack. other then unlike the last engine I made the springs use their animation And ported things form the old engines(yes I downloaded it again) Thats all for now see you guys next week...

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