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Guys, we just released short demo! We will be really glad to hear your opinions and comments!

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DEMO: Click here

Title: Life in the Box
Genre: Point'n'Click adventure
Authors: Ars Longa Games
Estimated release date: 2017

Team members:

Todo Asano - story, art, gamedesign
Dmitry Petyakin - story, music, gamedesign
Sergey Kuvshinov - animation
Pavel Sevbo - programming
Serge Verkhoturov - translation

Twitter: Life in the Box

What will be if you lose someone close? What will be if you have a chance to bring him back? But the price might be the fate of entire Universe - maybe even not only one.
Physicist Alex has lost his beloved daughter many years ago. After that, changing the past became the only purpose of his life. That's why he devoted himself to creating a time machine to return back and prevent the deathly accident. But nobody can travel in time with impunity.

Many years passed since the daughter's death, when Alex managed to build the time machine. After he used it, a portal appeared. The Time Masters came out and told Alex that nobody can turn the time back and change the past, and afterwards they left. In a few hours, the portal appeared again, and one of the Time Masters came out. He offered a deal to the physicist - he would return his daughter from the past if Alex helped him to create multiple portals to the Earth. The purpose of those portals was not explained detailed - some harmless needs of the Time Master. Losing his head, Alex agreed to help the Time Master and created the first portal from a simple box. That's where the problems began...

Life in the Box is a point 'n click adventure where you have to travel different worlds, and find a way to fix a load of universe scale issues, that you caused by your attempt to change the time.

You'll meet a lot of strange creatures, some of them will help you, some of them will make obstacles.

The levels structure will be kinda similar to FEZ, we have one initial location from where we can travel between other worlds.



Game music

If you have any questions - feel free to ask!

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