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Level work has begun for first area... depression.

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Level design for the first area of the Depression section of the game is now done! A much more advanced (and confidential) map has been created and the actual process of creating assets and implementing them is underway. No screenshots today, folks, can't show you absolutely everything, but you'll see in a week or so that we've got quite the change of scenery going on.

In addition to trying to scare the hell out of people, work is also being put into making the story engrossing and emotional. The man who's offering you freedom has quite a sad and frightening tale to tell, and it will be told! The game may be more story-driven than I had originally intended. But rest assured, the tension and scares will not be sacrificed for the sake of a few mortals' sanity...

Thanks for checking the game out, expect to see some more visual information soon!

-Drgy55 (Rohan)

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