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Created and completed all the different level objective types that will be in Retool.

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Last week I took part in Ludum Dare (shameless plug), so I didn't post an update. This week I continued my work from last week and created and implemented the final two objective types (the goals in each level). The first one is the player has to retrieve a keycard and then get to the exit. A guard will usually carry the keycard so the player will have to kill the guard to get the keycard. This is already much more exciting than the static diamonds I have been using.

The second objective type I created is where the player has to save a NPC. The goal will be to find the NPC and then lead it to the exit. To add a bit more challenge, the guards, electronics, and even the player can also kill the NPC. To ensure that the player is never shown a loss screen, the NPC will automatically respawn from the terminal meaning the player has to retrieve him again and get him to the exit.

The other objectives already implemented are getting to the exit (which will be used for the earlier levels while players get used to the game mechanic), killing a target (VIP) and killing every guard on a level. Made good progress so far during the holiday period. Now it's off to create all the electronics' functionality in the game.

Below are gifs of retrieving a keycard and saving a NPC

retool retrieve keycard

retool save target

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