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Summary of what February brought for the team on Fenrir.

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Hello everyone,

The month of February proved to be a big step in planning many of our future endeavors. In the early months we pushed out several quality of life updates to the VR in a timely manner, and will continue to do so. Patch notes will be given with each VR update in the coming months as well. The VR will be getting an update in the central hub, with a building that keeps everything centralized in a single area. This will reduce the need of running great distances, without taking away from the aesthetics and feel of the VR.

While nothing can be shown quite yet for Ascension we do have most of the areas created on a basic level and only missing the props and quality of life cosmetics. Once those are done soon, we hope to have something to show for the Dark Storm Ascension aspect of our game.

If you have not read the Letter from the Producer I and wish to know more about Fenrir and our experiences and challenges of creating Dark Storm Ascension, and Dark Storm VR Missions, I'd highly suggest doing so. For those of you who have, or know of our past history will know that money is something we've rarely had if at all, and manpower is something we have struggled with since the beginning. This is why at the end of February, the leads decided that setting up a Patreon account for Fenrir Studios would be a much needed goal.

Fenrir Studios Patreon

For those who do not know what Patreon is, it's a system which allows you to donate money to us. Depending on the amount you give you will receive rewards from us. These rewards range from free music from the game, extra behind the scenes look, a free copy of the game on release, or even the chance to meet the team on Discord once a month and ask anything your heart desires about the game. We also list out how much we hope to achieve money wise, and what exactly that will do to help us so you're never in the dark about how your money is being spent on our end.

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We will be hosting a Twitch channel stream several times a week as our team permits for time frame. While I can't promise a steady x day on x hour everyday setup. I will be posting on our steam forums and twitch channel when the next stream will be up and available to watch. These streams will be simply times that a member from our team will be working, and where you can sit and watch as they do their work for our game. We will be attempting to incorporate all aspects of our game into this stream at some point from programmers, modelers, concept artists and level designers. Please remember that this is for your viewing pleasure, but not an FAQ time. Work does come first, and while they aren't obligated to answer every question, our members will answer a few questions when they can about their current work.

Once again, thank you for supporting Dark Storm and Fenrir Studios and taking interest in our project!

Isaac Cudd
Assistant Producer

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