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We get a Let's Try Hairy Tales video from a Desura member, showcase some alternate solutions for one of the stages, and release an updated version on Desura.

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Just yesterday Desura member Qieth uploaded a "Let's Play Hairy Tales!" video, and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it here (heck, I even made it the first video on our Greenlight page).

The video helped me realize that the early tips and stages needed some tweaking, so I've adjusted them and uploaded version 1.0.3 - it's now available on Desura.

And for those wondering about alternate solutions to stage 9 after watching him play it... here's a spoiler video of two possible solutions, which shows the flexibility for solving puzzles in the game - I hadn't even realized until now you could solve stage 9 without using any fences!

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