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In-game market, new content, Google Play payments, iOS beta app, and much more!

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Dear players,

The new update (2.14) is out. There is a lot changing again, and we understand that you may get overwhelmed by this. Changes are made for the long term success of the game, so try to keep an open mind and always feel free to share your opinion in a constructive way. Here are the new features and what is changing:

- Ingame market! Through the Bank NPC, you will be able to buy and sell items. Only Premium players will be able to list offers in the Market, but all players can accept them when browsing the Market. It should be quite intuitive, so give it a try.

- Google Play payments! Requested for a long time, and now we have delivered it. Please read the finer details here: Kakele.io

- iOS beta app! To download it, visit our Play page, which has a link to join the beta.

- Stamina system! Finding players sharing accounts is hard. For that reason, we have implemented the 'stamina system' (like many other games out there). This means that you will have 40 hours to play Kakele. For each 2 minutes offline you get 1 minute of stamina. In other words, you can play 8 hours a day and never run out of it! Players with 0 stamina will stop getting experience and loot.

- Blacksmith system! There will be a new NPC that can upgrade your equipments attack, armor or magic. The more points the equipment has the more expensive it gets. There is a 50% chance that the upgrade will fail. These upgraded items cannot be sold on the Market, but they can be traded. With this change we had to rebalance all the formulas, so please read below:

- Formulas rebalancing: please be patient, getting the formulas right is hard and will take some time. Because of the upgraded items, we had to change it. We now expose how they work in the client. You have your maximum attack, maximum armor and spell power. Your status is determined by your equipments plus your level to the power of 0.9! The values are very similar to the old formula, but please let us know if you find something odd or unbalanced.

- Improved farming hunts: Vampires, Torturers and Cyborgs will give you more gold and loot. Dooms were nerfed.

- A small change to PvP: killing a Punished or Doomed player will only get you PZ locked for 2 minutes (instead of 10).

- Ability to change clans! Check out our Instagram for the spoiler: Instagram.com

- New monsters and quests! We will leave this one for you to find out! No spoilers!

- New items and outfits! Plus some amulets that give you some awesome buffs.

- New spells! Check out the Wiki for the complete list.

- Rankings were moved to our website! Check it out!

- Reinstated fishing! Check this Insta post for details on how to fish: Instagram.com

- Many bug fixes! Such as the loot drops, PvP bugs, summon bugs. Always let us know if you find anything odd in the game.

- Many other improvements! Such as being able to go fullscreen on PC, chat on screen, selling all loot, loot being saved when you logout and more.

Again, this is a lot to take in, and everything is subject to be changed and improved. We are looking forward to joining you on your adventures. Please join us on our Discord for help or shoot us an email. Here is a bit of a update spoiler:

Best regards,
The ViVa Team

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