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Due to the massive support we released in the past months we decided to finally go a step further and turn the AI franchise into a serious project in which we'll invest time, sweat and blood (especially the last one because of the dark rituals of game development) ...

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First of all we just want to say thank you to all the people who helped out on our Steam Greenlight page, sent us emails about the project, ideas suggestions and even those nice images which we won't talk about here ...

Anyways we decided to now hand the project kind of into the hands of the community and start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finally acquire the resources we need to turn this basic idea and the existing code into a great experience!

You can now help us out with a few bucks (really every penny helps!) here. Also if you don't have any money to help us out with we're still open for all suggestions and help we can get. Also we would really appreciate it if you share our campaign to make our project well known and grow the community around it.

We really think we can turn it into something new and exciting and we already put in a lot of time and money. For us this project is more than just a random game idea. It's our personal dream of creating something great we can share with everyone out there.

Also I've to announce that we had to move our Steam Greenlight page for several reasons. It is now available at AI: The Awakening - Steam Greenlight! Feel free to comment on it and even share that campaign too. We really appreciate every contribution no matter how small it is.

Oh and keep tuned for more stuff to come up soon. We're currently working on putting out a secret transmission (which includes a few shots out of the game each time) on a regular basis (we may put a few more now and then depending on the current project situation).

Currently two transmissions are online. Check them out at

Thanks again everyone!
The Evil-Co Development Team

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