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Introducing Extreme VectorBall! The weirdest extreme sport you'll play in the comfort of your chair.

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We're Seventh Wave and this is the first real game we're going to be making, we did have plans for a super cool 3D game, but things wen't wrong and we can't do that. So instead we have EVB (Extreme VectorBall)! A game that was created out of complete insanity. I don't even remember how we came up with this idea, but it sounded so fun and at the end of it we all said "I'd play that!" which is a good thing.

So, what is EVB?

Exteme VectorBall is something along the lines of Pong that got blended with The Unfair Platformer - you'll be playing along having all the memories bombard you then suddenly the AI launches a rocket at your paddle and it's in two bits. Now you have more thinking to do - and if that wasn't enough there's a meteor shower coming and the ball likes to bounce back off those and come right back at you. Damn.

You get the point?

We've thought up hundreds of ideas for things that can happen while you play, some are random, some are time based others are pickups or you get for scoring against the AI.

We're hoping to get EVP out on 4 platforms: Windows, PS Vita, Android and XBOX360. It's being coded in two different ways, one for Win/360 using XNA and for Vita/Android we use PS Mobile. So far we have the base of the Pong game done for Vita/Android and we're almost there on XNA .
This base game is what we need to make sure that you get the experience we wish for, you'll start playing normally then as you progress the events get crazier and more difficult.
Once the base for each game is sorted we'll start adding in crazy items - XNA will be leading as a platform then after each major internal version we'll port that to PS Mobile.

We'll have more screenshots and development info soon!

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