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As release of comedy VR puzzle game ‘People Cu3ed’ on the 2nd November is rapidly approaching, we take some time to introduce the cast and characters that will entertain you through 40 levels of the game…

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After months of work and testing, feedback and improvements, level creation and social life destruction, our first VR game ‘People Cu3ed’ is released on Steam on the 2nd November (link to Steam here!)

It’s both an exciting and nerve wracking time as we do things like send out review keys (contact us if you’d like one!), update trailers, talk with podcasters – all the time wondering – ‘but what will the players think…?’

We’re pretty sure they’ll like what we’ve produced, at the price point we’ve produced it at ($9.99!) – but in the meantime we thought we’d give you another reason to try it on release in a few days time, and that is: our characters.

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In the beginning – ‘People Cu3ed’ was really just ‘Cu3es’. That is – a canyon and some blocks that you’d move across like floating stepping stones to get to the other side. Whilst this novel mechanic is a first in VR, square stones aren’t that interesting to spend time with – and we wanted to make a game that kept you in it for many hours (rather than the short experiences often associated with VR).

We found very quickly that adding personalities, faces, voices and in some cases special abilities to each of the ‘Cu3es’ turned the game into a much more entertaining experience, and during testing found the odd side effect of our testers deciding for one reason or another through some unintended emergent narrative, the testers would develop ‘favourites’ out of the cast. Players would use these first or last depending on their feelings for the characters, keep them close – or use power ups to teleport them far away depending on if they liked the occasional wink a ‘Cu3e’ would throw the players way. It was odd – but fun!

We spent time thinking about who each one was and how they’d react in the surreal and comic ‘Cu3ed’ world, and came up with the following that we wanted to share with you – so when you meet the ‘Cu3es’ in ‘People Cu3ed’, you’ll know what to expect. One thing we won’t reveal here, is what they look like in human form… you’ll have to complete the game to see that!

Sara Cu3e

Name: Sara Cu3e

Back Story: Sara is the reason the Cu3ed team are present at the campsite. Her birthday celebrations involved a ‘friends and family’ camping trip, and the player, being her ‘best’ friend – naturally was invited along.

Age: early 20’s.

Personality: Sara is an excitable, bubbly and mischievous influence on the group, and especially her little sister ‘Suzie’ – although she would fiercely defend her if she thought something was going to happen to her. Ever optimistic and seeing the fun in a situation, she acts a little a good counter to the melodrama of The Gamesmaster for the group.

Appearance: She is a pale green cube with a freckled face. She has a uniquely defining feature that for some reason she has decided to wear after her transformation – a pair of fluffy ear muffs, forced over her enlarged cube shaped ‘head’.

Becky Cu3e

Name: Becky Cu3e

Back Story: Becky is close friends with Sara, which is the reason Becky has been invited. She is however, closer friends with the Player than with Sara, and dialogue suggests that the Player and Becky have a long close relationship going back years, to the extent that one will usually know what the other is going to say in a given situation.

Age: early 20’s.

Personality: Generally a pessimist, although would call herself a pragmatist. She’s passionate about doing the right thing, but generally more timid than the rest of the group in tackling issues head on. She would usually prefer to ‘wait and see’ and tends to prefer the company of one person over a group of people – so will be quieter when the louder personalities are together – but is absolutely a valued member of the group.

Appearance: Becky is a royal blue cube, with more sad looking eyes than the others. She is freckled, but less so than some of the other blocks.

The Twins Cu3ed

Name: The Twins Cu3ed

Back Story: The Twins are a pair of twins who believe they have potential in stand up comedy. However their sense of humour is measurably awful – and funny in that it’s funny that they think they are funny. They are present due to the close friendship group between the Player character, Sara Cu3e, Becky Cu3e and themselves.

Age: early 20’s.

Personality: They are excitable like Sara Cu3e, but less mature. They are more likely to spend time trying to find a punchline in a situation than to actually solve a problem.

Appearance: Both ‘The Twins’ look identical save for that one has blue sunglasses and one has red sunglasses. They are bright green cubes.

Mother Cu3e

Name: Agnes (Mother) Cu3e

Back Story: Agnes is the mother of Sara and Suzie Cu3e, and the wife of Henry (Father Cu3e). She is a victim of her own worrying in game, but actually a tough character who wouldn’t take nonsense from anyone should they threaten her with it. She loves her family, but her worrying about them drives her not to show it sometimes – especially to her husband who she takes for granted a little and doesn’t always the assume the best from.

Age: early 40’s.

Personality: Worrisome, and quick to anger, but only because of her love for her family in what she perceives to be a potentially dangerous situation. Eventually calms and is even able to enjoy herself a little when she is assured the situation doesn’t threaten her or her children.

Appearance: Agnes Cu3e is a dark yellow cube with pink thick rimmed glasses that have a decorative flourish on the side.

Father Cu3e

Name: Henry (Father) Cu3e

Back Story: The father of Sara and Baby Suzie Cu3e, he is the ‘long suffering’ husband of Agnes (Mother) Cu3e. He desires an easy life, but the worrying nature of Agnes leads him to rarely get it. He’d been looking forward to relaxing on the camping trip, but the events of the game have ruined this and whilst he is a little frustrated by that, he has a very ‘stiff upper lip’, and doesn’t like to show his feelings.

Age: late 40’s

Personality: A little posh and stand-off-ish, but good natured at heart. Wants to be seen as the most mature and sensible person amongst the group, but his wife is quick to point out his faults when he tries to take a leading role. He’s a little downtrodden in this respect, but understands his relationship with his wife better than anyone and loves her because of it. He would always suggest people resolve a disagreement over a civilised drink rather than reverting to more drastic measures.

Appearance: Henry is a light yellow cube with a pronounced moustache.

Baby Suzie Cu3e

Name: Baby Suzie Cu3e

Back Story: Baby Suzie is a toddler age child, who loves life and especially her older sister Sara Cu3e. She is showing early signs of being just as mischievous as her much older sister, much to her parents concern.

Age: Toddler.

Personality: Cheeky and always happy – and as with many young children is going through the phase of seeing how far she can push her family before she is told off. Takes delight in new found ability to fly and the lack of ability of her parents to stop her. She will run usually to her sister for help first, but is generally fearless as she hasn’t learnt to fear much yet.

Appearance: A smaller (1/4 size) block, that is a slightly darker green that Sara Block, that also has a red ribbon on her hair. She also can ‘glow’ which changes her colour to a fluorescent green and activates a glowing light source that illuminates the area local to her. Has large wide eyes.

Frown Cloud

Name: The Gamesmaster

Back Story: A long time presenter of the games, this ‘being’ is a 3 dimensional representation of a higher form of life. As such it is of no determined gender or name, and only allows itself to be referred to as ‘The Gamesmaster’. It usually takes on a much more threatening appearance to inspire awe in competitors in the games, but due to reasons unknown, now has a helium affected sounding voice and appears as a small cute cloud – much to its annoyance. The Gamesmaster looks down on human and all other lifeforms from the third dimension and often can’t tell the difference between what it considers to be ‘lower life forms’.

Age: Older than the oldest of old things on the planet ‘Old’.

Personality: Initially boastful and extrovert, The Gamesmaster quickly rolls it’s enthusiasm back in when it finds humans are more intelligent and harder to intimidate that it had imagined. Obviously disdainful of what it considered to be a simple dimension, it falls back on sarcasm as a way to establish it’s superiority over the humans, but often fails in its attempts due to the humans successes.

Appearance: A cloud roughly twice the size of the normal cubes, with large eyes, fluffy looking eyebrows and a black top hat. Occasionally shoots lightning from its behind at particularly emotional moments.

So – that’s the roster! We can’t wait to hear about your reactions and interactions with the ‘Cu3ed’ team, and who your favourites are. As always – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – ‘Whitway_Studios’ on all the social medias or just give us a ‘Google’ – we’re friendly and love to chat!

Happy Gaming!

Lee @ Whitway Studios :)

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