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Post news RSS Legions: Overdrive: Sniper Changes, Demo Freecam, Map Voting

Quick update on a few side-projects from the developers, including sniper changes, demo freecam, and map voting.

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There are no plans for a 1.5 at the moment, but here are some things being worked on the side still.

  • Squads have been (if not obvious) pushed aside for the moment. Things were progressing nicely, but certain events came in the way that stopped development indefinitely. The same goes for Engineer, FCNC and CNC. Hopefully things can get sorted out sometime in the future. These devs are still floating around and at least plan to finish Engineer v2.0 at some point.
  • There are plans to implement an auto-charge option for the sniper rifle. So instead of holding it down to charge, you'll have the option to simply click to charge and fire when ready.
  • A new demo feature is in the works that will allow you to switch between any player's point of view within a demo you've recorded, along with the ability to freely roam around the demo. So instead of being limited to just your POV when watching a demo, it'll be more like entering Spectator Mode similar to this video of Tribes 1. Later after this update the keyframe options of the demoControls HUD will be implemented.
  • A map voting system has been in development for a while now. You'll finally be able to vote Frostbyte out of existence.

Please note that these are pretty much side-projects, and only receive updates when the developers have time to work on them. We're not guaranteeing all, or any of these features will go live. Other smaller things like weapon and core changes could pop up as well. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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