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A collection of updates to Legions: Overdrive over the past few months, mostly consisting of bug fixes and new maps.

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Bug Fixes

  • The IRC bot should no longer timeout. You can connect to our US Hotswap IRC servers by going to #hotswap.1 and #hotswap.2, while the EU servers can be reached at #empire.1 and #empire.2. Both are on the Quakenet IRC server.
  • Crashes on the game modes Hunters, Team Rabbit, and Rabbit have been fixed.
  • Spectate mode no longer crashes on certain maps.
  • Players longer look under the map when joining certain maps.
  • Left shift no longer brings you out of the map editor.

Map Updates

  • Added Daybreak courtesy of Xtreme.


  • Added Ucan's version of FrostbytePUG, which lowers the back hill on beta, moves the flag stands back a bit, along with other changes.

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  • The Core has been re-textured courtesy of Hi!.


  • Skies for The Core and Diabolous have been updated.


  • ReactorPUG has been added, which is essentially Reactor with a snow theme.


  • Updated FalloutPUG spawns.

New Features / Misc.

  • Message of the day settings are now available for server admins, and are located at server/preferences/MOTD.cs or use the in-game admin panel.
  • Increased observer max zoom.
  • Buffed Blaster's Area Impulse from 400 to 1400, to make shooting the flag around now possible.
  • Implemented a basic color-blind mode.
  • Players can now start a vote as soon as a map switches rather than having to wait 30 seconds.
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