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Post news RSS Legions: Overdrive March 4th Change-Log

A summary of the most recent changes to the public test build.

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  • Per-map team limits introduced for deployables.
  • Deployables are now sorted into 6 categories, which can be seen in a list at the top left of your screen. The "current/limit" can also be found in an items description box when its selected in the engineer HUD. (still a bug with this, will be fixed soon).
  • All deployables are now available at level 0 , EM is gained through leveling.
  • You can now move while deploying any object. Max distance is 40 meters away. A message will appear if you get too far away.
  • Demo recording functionality has been put back into script - demos should not fail to record anymore ( post if they do ).
  • Spawn select fixed in FCNC and CNC mode.
  • Sniper rifle max damage increased.
  • Deploying on surfaces should be much easier now.


  • Genesis added to Team Rabbit.
  • Fixed spawning in Rabbit and Team Rabbit.
  • Added labels to spawn points on spawn select.
  • Spawn select updates capture points to neutral when half capped.
  • Spawn select opens automatically when you die.
  • Removed anti-deploy zones from Sanctuary flag stands in CNC mode.
  • Spawn opening on death when not in FCNC/CNC fixed.
  • Now always able to close spawn select, but opening it is restricted by map.
  • Test fix for Guardian turret crash.
  • Executable for Dodge lag fix.
  • More Dodge core tweaks. A temporary fix for lag has been released until it's moved to playerMove engine code.

Some recent gameplay footage:

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