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Post news RSS Legions: Overdrive 1.40 Feb 25th Change-Log

A summary of the changes to 1.40 Public Test so far, and a preview of what's to come.

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Team Rabbit:

  • Fixed flag physics remaining after switching gametype.
  • Removed instructions, added new flag targets, added two new messages.
  • Fixed flag warping.


  • Fix no health bar when first joining a game.Turrets will now stop firing at friendlies when captured/stolen.Potential fixes for some CNC(Capture and Hold) crashes. Needs further testing.
  • Dodge core no longer has an energy requirement.
  • Dodge core visuals completely changed as well as 'feel'. No longer returns you to your old speed/direction when finished. The new orb you turn into has its own physics for that short time and can behave more dynamically going up surfaces / glancing off corners intentionally.
  • Dodge core is now more fluid.; can press and let go of keys and go the intended direction.
  • Dodge Up/Down removed.
  • Hitting someone while dodging now does damage to the other player instead of the dodgee taking crater damage. Only players.
  • Cleaned up a significant portion of the console echos / error spam ( few lingering remain ).
  • Ammo and Clock options are now on by default.
  • Fixed a bug with teleporters and switching teams.
  • Alpha now aligns properly in objectiveHud.


  • Capture and Hold spawn select is now fully functional, and will be released soon.
  • Engineer is getting a bit of an overhaul, mainly deployable limits. More details later.
  • Deployables will be receiving new LOD models to help combat lag issues (deployable limits will also help with this).
  • Deploying on surfaces should be much easier soon. No more mouse spamming while in deploy mode.

More to come soon!

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