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This update introduces an RGB LED module. Combine them to add full RGB displays to your ships.

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This update is introducing a fun feature: full RGB LEDs for ships. Each LED module is a single LED which can display an RGB color with varying intensity. This can be useful for your ship to report its status.

However, to demonstrate the feature, I could not help but coding a little Mandlebrot fractal! Fractals are at the very heart of producedural generation (see for instance "Computer Rendering of Stochastic Models" by Fournier et al. 1982 (!) and many, many other research works).

Here is the final result:


As you can see, multiple ships combine their displays to produce a larger image of the Mandlebrot fractal.

Here is the code running on each Program module:

madlebrot code

Quite simple isn't it? This is inspired from the code at the top of Ken Perlin's web page.

I hope we'll see many interesting and cool use of the LED feature! (Right now this feature is only available to registered players through the automated update).

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