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What was meant to be this dev log's main feature is currently still in the works. In the mean time this dev log covers the new tanning feature.

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Hey guys. I realise this was meant to be the "how to get ores" dev log but we're still working on that and there's not much to show.

In the mean time, here's another new feature we've been working on: tanning.What tanning allows you to do is to turn fur you obtain from animals into leather which can then be used to make clothing (we'll have more on that later on).

You do this with the tanning rack (that, temporarily, spawns in villages):

User Posted Image

All you have to do is:
- Drag and drop your fur onto the tanning rack.
- Wait.
- Use the right mouse button to remove the tanned leather from the rack.

Also, if you missed it, check out Dev Log 10 on the Forge system:

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