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Math Classroom Challenge and its companion with Augmented Reality Math Street Challenge have been enhanced in the new versions for Mac and iOS. Now we have adapted both to the new generation of hardware and iOS 12, and we're ready to add new features as long as iOS 13 is available.

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Math Street Challenge AR, math anywhere, anytime.

Math Street Challenge

The new enhanced version of Math Street Challenge has been recompiled and recreated from scratch to give a new experience to the user. Taking advantage of the new version of the ARKit for iOS, Math Street Challenge now runs better in all the iOS phones that can generate AR images, starting with the iPhone 6S. The same goes with the iPad version of the game.

In fact we have made detailed tests with the iPhone 6S to be sure the game runs smoothly with this phone, but those who have last hardware will see that the game runs even faster and with better graphics.

Remember that Math Street Challenge is an Augmented Reality game based on Math Classroom Challenge, where the player can play anywhere, anytime, learning math and solving different random math problems that can be configured by the player.

Math Street Challenge

Math Classroom Challenge enhanced, now at the App Store and Mac Store.

Math Classroom Challenge iOS

Math Classroom Challenge has also been recompiled and adapted to the last hardware available on iOS, and more important, the game now includes three stages, where the player can play:

  • Winter math: Summer is being hard? Go to a winter math world to enjoy math with your children.
  • Seaside math: if you prefer the sun, Seaside math can give you an opportunity of learning math while getting a bath in the sea. What’s hiding far in the ocean?…
  • Math & rocks: now we get serious. Go to the Moon to solve math, but also find the best moon rocks to get the Helium to make the fusion reactors work on Earth. Remember: fusion reactors are not fission reactors. They’re clean and efficient. They’re the future of humanity.

Math Classroom Challenge iOS

Everything packed in a new compilation with better resources, now the game is smoother and cleaner.

The game is also available at the Mac Store, and has been compiled to be compatible with many hardware, including those Macs with internal Intel graphics.

Soon Math Classroom Challenge iOS will be compatible with MFI pads, and of course with the Xbox and PS4 pads starting with iOS 13.

Math Classroom Challenge will be also available at the Apple TV store very soon. We'll talk about it later.

We're happy to see that schools and teachers are now adding Math Classroom Challenge and Math Street Challenge to their collections of tools so children can learn math while enjoying a good time. Thank you!

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