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I thought it was time for a development report now, considering it's been a while since the last time, and there are a few things going on!

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Player Classes

First off, I've now implemented the fourth player class that will be possible to unlock by solving a "mystery mission" that will be possible to find in Ch1 Med Labs. The class is called "Forsaken" and is as you can see on the screenshots, represented by a Forsaken (alien) monster model. (If you haven't encountered them yet, or not even played LBKR yet you can read more on the LBKR website under Game Guide>World.
I find the characters abilities to be the most interesting this far, compared to the other classes, but they still need alot of balancing. Will post a video clip of the Forsaken's abilities sometime soon!


Apart from the Forsaken's abilities I'm also balancing alot of the Cryptic's abilities and also trying to come up with extra "ability modes/enhancements" for them. In worst case scenario I might even replace some of the Cryptic's abilities as I get the feeling that a few of them are either really boring or useless.



I noticed a bug in the new tutorial map that prevented the player from progressing any further than to the "Monster Execution" room, the monster that spawned simply would not enter the "Execute"-state. I did not manage to fix this issue either, atleast not in any way that I did not have to rewrite a large part of the execution-state related code, therefore I've removed this room completely from the tutorial-
I don't believe it will cause too much trouble for new players though, since an UI text appear on screen whenever it's possible to execute a monster, also marking which key should be pressed to execute it.

User Interface

Some new hints have been added in the lower left part of the screen, they will appear whenever a buff or debuff is active, by hovering the mouse over the icon a tooltip will display the cause and effect of said buff/debuff. One of those hints also display if you've activated any resurrection probes (checkpoints) on the currently loaded map.


Furthermore, whenever a mission is updated with new information or if an Arena begins, the task description (center-right on screen) now has a flash added to it, to make it more obvious that something happened.


Missions & Mysteries

While I was quite optimistic at first when I began working on the "mystery" tasks ( small fragments of mysteries can currently be collected and put together, in order to get enough information to find the path to whatever the mystery leads you to. ) however, I've lately felt that the way I've set it up wasn't very good. It just feels odd and confusing, also when discovering a new mystery fragment there wasn't really any good hint that it had been added to your log book.


For the next update I will instead make sure to have all mysteries instead be missions that can be started by finding wandering merchants, special items or when investigating an object in the world. These missions will still remain sort of cryptic, and often require you to find information in your log book to progress.

However, having the mysteries set up as missions allow for better readability in the Mission Overview window, more proper on-update information can be shown when progress is made (such as hints and pop-ups). Also it was easier to give information on what log to read and/or what to do next this way.


In case you don't know what LBKR's "mystery" stuff is I can understand that what I wrote probably makes no sense at all, you can read more about them at the LBKR page ( Gameplay>Mysteries || Gameplay>Tasks )I think that's about it this far-- I did notice a bug in the last released version though, with Blueprints that are rewarded by some missions would not be added to the player's inventory, it's sorted out now along with alot of other minor bug fixes. Will release the next update as soon as possible! Just need some more time to balance the Forsaken class!

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