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Loot Burn Kill Repeat is now live and available to download (for free).

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So I'm finally releasing v. of LBKR, and the release is for everyone and anyone. Took me longer than what I had thought but I kept bumping into things I wanted to fix, change or add before the release.

Along with comes two new projectile types for ranged weapons, sticker projectiles that stick to any hit surface and will detonate after a small delay, and grenades that explode on impact.
All UI in the game has been adjusted to look more uniform with eachother, also alot of windows and content have been split up to give the player a better overview of what's going on.
The game can be downloaded either by visiting my blog, or downloading the game here on IndieDB.

The game is completely free-to-play aswell as the future updates with new content ( Which are not too far away. )

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