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Post news RSS Laura Devlog #4: UI System and the Azorean cow

This week we worked on Lauras's UI System, the blockout, and some concepts for the Azorean cow.

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Hey everyone,

As we explained last week, Laura will have a herbarium to collect some typical plants from the Azores. We figured this could be a way for Laura's father to remain present while he's kept away from his family.


This week we made a UI System and soon (hopefully next week) the herbarium, for Laura's vertical slice, will be ready!


We have almost finished the blockout for the prototype (based on a storyboard), but the camera movement still has to be worked on. So, we'll only show the rough sketch for now:

storyboard laura game


Turns out, we decided to focus only on the herbarium for the vertical slice. So, Laura we'll not interact right now with the Azorean cow (Ramo Grande is a breed of cattle from the island of Terceira). But she'll see a few, so here is the concept art for Laura and Ramo Grande:

Ramo Grande Laura game

vaca concept art game

Thanks for reading!

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