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Post news RSS Laura Devlog #3: Vegetation in the Azores

This week we took some time with the fauna and flora of the Azores.

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Hey everyone!

This week we made very important decisions for Laura. While working on the environment of the game and the vegetation, we realized this is a very interesting aspect from a narrative point of view.

Therefore, we have new concepts for the plants Laura will collect to her herbarium (for the ones who don't know - herbarium can be a notebook with a collection of preserved plants).

Concept Veg Laura 2021 04 26

Azorina Laura 2021 04 27

Louro Laura 2021 04 27

Holly Laura 2021 04 27

As we were doing some experiments with the shader and the new vegetations, we also tried how it would work with the UI:

laura_plants_azores laura_ui


By the way, we didn't forget there are also the typical cows of the Azores ;)


Thanks for reading!

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