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Check out Road to Guangdong's launch trailer and today's dev update, all about immersive UI design!

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Hello all,

With just eight days to go until the big day, 6 June, things are really heating up for Road to Guangdong - so much so that we've just released a brand new trailer. This launch trailer is the most expansive and varied trailer we've released yet, with lots of new footage debuted.

Check it out:

Before we get to today's development update, make sure to add Road to Guangdong to your Steam wishlist if you're yet to do so!

Fuel and Oil Breakdown Light Development Update

In today's dev update, we wanted to show off the dashboard breakdown lights - there's an oil light and a petrol light, each situated by the relevant dial on the dashboard, which flicker when they are low, indicating that you're soon to run out of oil and/or petrol - in that event, you have four eventualities.

1) You get out of the car and refuel and/or add oil, and then continue on your journey - that's if you have some oil and/or some petrol with you.

2) You don't have any petrol and/or oil on you, but you manage to nurse the car along to the garage and buy some.

3) You breakdown without any petrol and/or oil, and you have to pay a heavy fee for a mechanic to come out and rescue you.

4) You breakdown without any petrol and/or oil, and you don't have enough money to pay a heavy fee for a mechanic to come out and rescue you. This may well upset poor Guu Ma, not getting to see all of her family members and complete the journey. But worry not, as you'll of course have the option to then continue from your latest checkpoint!

With Road to Guangdong's heavy focus on atmosphere and ensuring that you really do feel like you're in 1990s China, it was important to us to incorporate as much as the 'UI' as possible in-world. For instance, instead of having a message or pop up telling you your oil is low, we opted for a more subtle but immersive approach of communicating that through the in-car dashboard.

And that's it for today's update! Join us tomorrow for another look at Road to Guangdong.

The Road to Guangdong Team

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