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Spy is a live-action game based on Cold War espionage methods.

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Intellops.org Announces Launch of Spy, a Real-Life Espionage Game. Spy is a live-action game based on Cold War espionage methods. The game is facilitated by our website, intellops.org, but most of the action takes place in the real world. Spy is specifically designed to be played in either of two settings: universities campuses and offices buildings/campuses.Each operation/game consists of three players, and no player knows the identity of the others. Each player is assigned one of three roles: spy, handler or counterspy. The website plays the roles of Director of Central Intelligence and Director of Counterintelligence and assigns operational tasks to their respective agents. These tasks include classic espionage tradecraft methods such as dead drops, brush passes, safe house meetings, one-time pad cryptography, surveillance, counter-surveillance, etc.
A day in the life of Spy:“On the way to your office you glance at the stop sign at the corner of Main St. and Elm, as you have done for each of the past few days. Today you see what you have been waiting for: a small piece of white tape, oriented horizontally, on the sign post. It’s the previously agreed upon signal that agent LIONHEART – his or her true identity still unknown – has left information for you at the dead drop site codenamed Alpha. You proceed to the office and go about your normal day until lunchtime. That’s when you take a circuitous route around the office, up and down some stairs, in and out of the break room, until you are confident you aren’t being followed. Then you head to Alpha, the closet inside the copier room. You open the bottom drawer of the closet’s cabinet and reach under the stack of files. And there it is: a plain envelope, except for the small red dot in the upper left corner. You hide the envelope in your shirt, grab a file for appearances sake and exit the closet quickly. You head to the bathroom and then to a stall. You open the envelope to find what appear to be blueprints for a satellite, as well as this brief message: ‘Meet at Beta, noon tomorrow.’ You log in to your Intell Center account and enter the watermarked number on the blueprint. You return to your office job and await the Directorate’s analysis of this latest enemy document. You ponder whether safe house Beta is still safe.”
Register for free at www.intellops.org..

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