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Updating Traps, Major performance upgrades. Exits, Gates and Locked Rooms & More.

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Quick Update on some recent work I have been doing. Most of it is re-writing old code so it can work better with the new code as well as perform better in general so there is not much to show.

I have been upgrading old traps with new sprites and doing an all around re-write as well as implementing new ones. Below you can see some of the traps in action. First GIF is a WIP with a debug platform. Second GIF is more representative of how traps will look in the game.

Fireball trap


2: Upgraded Trigger System
Added the functionality to close down a Room to the Trigger System. I will soon post an article about the trigger system and its purpose but it basically works by having objects which are Triggerable (enemies, lights, etc) and objects which are Triggers (chests, switches, etc). The latest edition is the ability to have a Trigger Object close down a room and then open again after a certain Event ends. In the GIF below once the player enters into the room all exits are closed and four enemies are spawned. This will not occur in every room however it will occur from time to time to present some sort of challenge and force the player into combat.

Gate Lockdown Event

3: Exits, Gates and Locked doors
In the first iteration of the dungeon generator locked rooms where a thing however it was very basic. To explain briefly, Exits and Rooms were separate objects and an Exit would only have a Gate if the room which it led to was locked. This all had to change when implementing the locked room events explained above which required all exits to have gates. So now Exits and Gates are the same thing and they can also be looked gates which have entirely new sprites and animations. Below is an example of a room with a locked gate.

Locked Gate

Lock1 lock2

4: Performance
Major re-writing of old code that I did out of inexperience. This really helps with performance and generally makes my life easier when trying to make things work together. I also have been doing some work on the way the walls work in preparation of the new Dungeon Generation Systems.

That's all for now. If you're interested in learning more about the project I have been keeping a record of everything in a Devlog on Tumblr which is also where I update the most. You can also keep up on my Twitter or on the project's Twitter if you're only interested in tweets about the project.


Ooh, I'm liking the way this looks so far! Keep it up, homie!

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The camera is really getting me into that classic Zelda feeling, but how about the lore of the game?

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