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I'm working hard to produce the possibility to set up shop and sell your produce and your gathered items. I am now considering an open bazaar look, or a real building that is active when you are in it.

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To create new features is always tempting. I wanted to keep it simple as the old games, where selling items and managing your economy was either a very repetitive action such as throwing produce in a bin, or a menu-based activity. Lots of clicks and little action.

But in general, why build a shop or a bazaar stand if you cannot experience the joy of serving customers and delivering your products straight over the counter? So I am considering to take this feature one step further and make it into a full-fledged build-gather-open shop- work the counter deal. You can manage the tempo and be good or bad at it, choose which customer to serve first etc. Also strategically choosing what to sell might have an impact?

Please give your 2 cents while it's still being done

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