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Pre order & Special Edition for Quest For Humour Now Available plus news on Alpha 1.0

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Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on when this reaches you! I have some good news; you can now pre order a copy of Quest For Humour on indiegogo in the form of a fundraising perk! Pre ordering the game on indie go go is a good way of supporting the on-going development of Quest For Humour, while gaining some cool perks & prizes for your support! The reason we started an indiegogo campaign was to easily raise funds for the game & pay off artists for more artwork to be done for the game, plus Quest For Humour is in the process of receiving a killer score which needs to be paid off before we can use it.

Crowd funding is something I have never thought of before, but I do see the potential in it. The only thing that I want to accomplish with this is a chance to pay for more art work and in the process of that, give you, the people who pre order the game a reason to part with their money.

Below is a list of what perks & prizes are available for all fundraisers who fund the development of Quest For Humour. Please note that people who pre order any of the 3 tiers available for the game, will also get Alpha & Beta copies when released for free. Alpha & Beta copies are included in the pre order & special editions as to not make the people who bought the pre order have to wait ages to play the game while everyone is playing the Alphas & Betas! (Alpha 1.0 is coming soon so expect some good times with Timothy in the not so distant future!)


The one Dollar perk:
With this 1 Dollar perk you get a "Special Thanks" rolling credit! That's right; you will be in the credits!

Pre Order
You get a pre order copy of the game which includes a city and 10 quests that are exclusive to indie go go fundraisers!

Special Edition X10!

With this perk you get all the pre order incentives plus you get a T shirt that says "You met timothy because I made it happen!" All that & you get it 10 days before the official full release!

The Merch Perk!

The Merch Perk includes the pre order version of the game plus a T shirt, and a hoody. This perk also includes a collector’s edition mug (cup) and hat! Get kitted out 16 bit style!

Your own character!

With this Perk you get your very own playable character in the game named after you! The character is always available to join your party in game! Plus you get all of the above included with this perk.

Please note that these prises listed for indiegogo are representing fundraising prises only; do not assume that when the game comes out that the special edition X10 will be $75! The whole point of fundraising is that fans of the game can contribute what they like to the development of quest for humour while having some awesome free prizes for that contribution! The pre order will only be available on indiegogo so act fast!

You can Pre Order the game here: Indiegogo.com

Now we can move onto some more news that’s a bit closer to home!

Alpha 1.0 will be available to purchase from here sometime in August/early September! That’s right, I am finally getting some work done! In related news Quest For Humour will be featured in a bundle with some other games in August/September, so purchasing options are widely varied! ( we will announce the details/ provider for bundle when it’s closer to the date)

Just to clear up some speculation on the price range of the game here is some detailed information on the release cycles that will take place in the next year.


Base game: There will be a base game download that all users purchase at a set price, they will need this to update to current versions that are available. There is no set price for the game yet, because of the need to work the price out with the various publishing platforms the game will be available on. We are obviously gunning for Desura, but we will keep everyone updated on that. The estimated price of the game will be £9.99 / $15.50. After users purchase the base game then the fun can begin with free updates and DLC!

My goal is to release the Alpha’s & get the Beta’s out of the way in a year. All the people who bought the base game will get all updates for free, including the final version update! (Obviously the original base game download will be removed and replaced with the final version download for people who have not bought the game by release day.) After the final version update, there will be some planned free expansions to the game, plus if the feeling is right, a premium expansion, but that’s all hearsay because what matters is getting Alpha 1.0 out to you guys ASAP!

To wrap up this late week update we have the Picture of the week coming up as voted by you guys!

Prison screenshots

That’s a cool prison picture! My favourite part, without sounding vein, because I make the game, is the moss on the floor, it adds a nice touch to it I think. Well I’d like to thank everybody for reading and hope to catch you on Monday for update week #2. Thanks again.

Killah K2

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