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My house is still recovering from the ceiling collapse and things are slow, but things are still slowly chugging along. More work will come soon.

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Hey everyone, I’m sorry for the lack of updates - the work computer is not currently connected to the internet due to the reconstruction work in the basement. Progress has been sluggish as I’ve been kept out of my work area for a while now. I’ve only just started getting it back.

Almost everyone has a sleep and wake now, with the exception of SR. Pouncer has a partially finished walk cycle. I’m hoping to get a lot done in the upcoming days. Active work on the basement is done for now so I should be able to get some progress in.

It has really hit me that I’ve been working on this project for years in the plural. If I had to do it all over again I would do things very differently - but it is, after all, my first game. I’m trying to stop myself from rushing through the final leg and releasing a sloppy project. It’s difficult. I’ve so desperately wanted to be done for so long. I have other projects I have very much wanted to work on but have been unable to dedicate the time to.

Thank you for your patience with me. I will also attempt to be patient, but it is difficult.

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