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During the Development of the game we are making "Last of Humanity" we have come across a few interesting problems. Whats in a Bite? ~ Last of Humanity Development Team

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You know, as the game progressed in the last 5 years. We never had problem up until we sat down and started discussing how the infection system would work. Talk about a real headache, the phrase "Whats in a Bite?" has been pushed through that topic in our heads for a long time. Some of us have our own explanations, others have the "Movies" to point to and say a few things. But in the end result we came down to one thing. The Infection itself.

The Infection isn't something that is controllable, it can come from the "Air", a Bite, drinking contaminated water, or even food. But none of these got to the question "What is in a Bite" we discussed many things but in the end result. It came down to one thing, "The Infection". Can a single bite, infect someone? "If it breaks the Skin" was something that someone told me, but I came to the conclusion of this. the infection is spread in many more ways then just that, a scratch for instance.

When we sat down to discuss this Logically, we came to the conclusion of many things. Scratches, Bites, Blood on your body... All these things effect the infection level on your character, having wounds that aren't healed. Getting major damage, these also increase your chances but a bite is a definite thing. If a Zombie Bites you, you need to have it looked at.

Is the Infection curable? YES! How? ;3 better to be left for the Next Dev Blog!

Well this post explained a few things, the infection. You don't have to worry so much about your food, or other contamination. If its a bite, need to get it looked at. Maybe by voicing your opinion a NPC or another player may have something to give you. Keeping it too yourself, well <3 you may just collect some DNA After-all. hehe

Well from the Last of Humanity Development Team, I bid you a good evening, and remember board the windows up with "Nailkinz Steel Nails" You just can`t break a Nailkinz Nail.

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